Our mission

To fuel the growth of early stage companies with at least one woman in a leadership role. The Refinery provides the tools, resources and capital for smart women to build great companies.

Why are we different?

Our leadership, experience and passion at helping early stage businesses grow, combined with our extensive network of mentors, advisors and investors gives companies an edge.

Our content-rich, mentor-driven programs develop the skills and confidence critical to building high growth companies.

Our focus on accessing a variety of funding sources, including both public and private, mapping out pathways to capital is unique.  

Our successes tell the story.  After one year, 19 companies have gone through the program, 3 have raised capital, 2 are in process of closing financing rounds, several have won startup competition awards, and over 20 new jobs have been created. All participate in our strong alumni program.


We have seen the results - companies with diverse teams and women in leadership roles have outperformed their competition and excelled in the marketplace.  

Don't Go It Alone

TEDx -Janis Collins, co-founder, The Refinery


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