“The Refinery was a game changing experience for PregPrep on so many levels. All of the mentors and weekly guest speakers offered so much value and insight into how to strategically and professionally run our Company. Best of all was the opportunity to present our “homework” weekly in front of our peers and advisors. it forced us take ownership of our leadership roles and learn the presentation skills needed to speak with confidence to potential investors and partners. Without the Refinery, PregPrep would certainly not be in the position it is today. Thank you!”  

Marjorie Jaffe Goldner, CEO, PregPrep

Amy McCooe, Co-CEO, Level Up Village, describes the Refinery as a program that “Won’t let you fail”.

"It wasn't easy taking time out from our hectic business, but deciding to participate in The Refinery was one of the best decisions we've made as a company. The program challenged our team to fine-tune our business model and it gave us the confidence to "go big."

Patricia Espinoza, Co-Founder, The Local Vault

“There are things that women need to be conscious of, such as how we present ourselves and talk about our projects. They (The Refinery) also help women identify role models, which are really hard to find”.

Wendy Davis, CEO, Gestvision