Frequently Asked Questions


About Our Program


What should I expect from participating in The Refinery?

If you fully participate, an accelerator program like The Refinery will provide you with two years of learning about your company in three months. You will learn how to identify and reach your true customer. You will test your financial model for sustainability and learn how manage to the numbers. You will emerge with a stronger leadership team, more focused business engine and connections with investors, mentors, advisors and peers that you can draw on during and after the program is over.


How is The Refinery different from other accelerator or incubator programs?

We help women-led and diverse teams develop leadership skills to compete effectively and succeed.   Our content-rich curriculum is custom designed for high impact results. We leverage intellectual and financial capital in structured one-on-one mentoring. Our mentors are personally matched to the company needs.

To learn more about how we are different, please watch our video  “Why Join an Accelerator?”


What is the time commitment?  

We meet every Wednesday either online or in person for a 3 month period, and at least one member of your team must be present.  In addition, there are pre and post work assignments and you are expected to meet one-on-one with your lead mentor each week.  We ask that you commit to participate in any pitch events.


What is the cost?

The program participation is provided through warrants - we are investing in your future, aligning The Refinery and mentors with your growth. There is the potential for investment at the end of the program.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at with questions.


Do we provide funding?

A key component of our program is to provide guidance on access to capital, and all funding sources. And, our experienced mentors work with each company on their fundraising needs and strategies as well as developing the right connections.

We have strong relationships with several angel groups and individual investors that participate throughout the program. And, we are currently working on a fund that will make investments in our most promising graduates. 


What kinds of companies are we looking for?

We accept applications from all industries with innovative products and services. To date, our alumni have been from a variety of industries: ed tech, medical diagnostics, health related consumer products, wearable tech, innovative food companies, apparel and technology ventures.

We encourage all to apply, the application process is a valuable experience and you will speak and or meet with several of the mentors in the process.


I cannot make the three month commitment, is there a way for me to participate in The Refinery?

Right now, our 3 month course is the only way to access The Refinery for your business.  Much of the components of our curriculum and mentoring are available remotely.


After The Program


What happens after the program?

We are in this with you for the long term, and we want you to succeed.  The Refinery is a community, and we are committed to support Refinery alumni through assisting in their funding strategies, building their teams, developing their operating infrastructure, and selecting their service providers.

Through our alumni events, we foster the strong peer-to-peer relationships developed through the program.

Mentors, peers and advisors are always available to help in problem solving and guidance.

Our shared services model for social media, finance, human resources and other key functions can be accessed on an as needed basis for a fee.


More Questions?  Send us an email,