Our Mission

To fuel the growth of women-led companies.

The Refinery was founded in mid-2014 to fuel the growth of companies with diverse teams. Through an intense, customized curriculum and structured mentoring, companies develop a growth and funding strategy that is supported by an engaged community of peers, advisors and investors.

In 3 years, The Refinery has achieved rapid results: 31 companies mentored by 80+ subject expert mentors, through four program cycles, raising $10 million+ in funds. 

“We Won’t let you Fail.” 

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Our difference

  • highly individualized program 
  • value added mentors with industry specific and relevant experience matched to each participant's needs.
  • engagement with early stage investors and highly experienced entrepreneurs.
  • CT location allows for accessing both NYC and Boston networks.
  • starting point for a longer term relationship; our mentorship does not end at the end of the formal twelve week period.

Why do we get results?

  • our drive, and the work we expect from each cohort.

  • teams are pushed to understand their customer, refine their business model, build their team, develop their financial outlook and clearly articulate their businesses value to customers, partners and investors.

  • at the end of the Refinery program, companies really know their business — and have a rock-solid foundation that will allow them to scale and grow.

Our programs

  • Winter Boost Program
    • three months
    • interactive content/webinar sessions
    • in-person group discussions
    • structured mentor meetings 
    • end results include growth and funding strategy, milestones, and roadmap
  • Membership
    • Awards, Prizes
    • Mentor Office Hours
    • Workshops