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Take the Quiz--Are you Ready for The Refinery?

1. You are stuck. Many times around 2-3 years, you need to make decisions about where your company is going, but it’s hard to do without guidance, strategic thinking, or just plain validation.  The Refinery will help you move forward by answering the big questions:

·      How do you create a repeatable sales model for sustainable growth?  Is your messaging and branding geared to your Target Customer? Have you really thought through your channel strategy? What about a strategic partner? Upsides? Downsides?

·      Should you take outside funding and if so, how much? From whom? How do you get to them? What information should you share? When are you ready? Are your financials in good shape?

·      What does your team need to look like for success? How do you hire quality people for your startup that will stay with you? What do you pay them? What should you look for in an Advisory Board? How do you find them? Pay them? Fire them? How do you become an effective CEO?

2.  You don’t have time for training.  Clients who have gone through our program say they learned more about their own company in 12 weeks than they could have anywhere else in 2 years. Our program is a personalized, mini-MBA. We do hands-on problem solving with your company.  We continue to enhance, iterate, and customize the material for every cohort.  In addition, as a checkpoint, we regularly review the program with Harvard executive education leaders.

3. You don’t know which financial model or tools to use.  You will leave our program with tools and templates that will go with you as you grow you company. Whether it is our financial model, milestone roadmap, funding strategy, human resource packet, pitch deck, or one–pager, you will have the confidence that your financial modeling is sound.

4.  You have received lots of free, contradictory advice.  We know many people love to provide free advice, and we have watched many a startup flip flop direction because of all the varied advice they receive. Our mentoring program was specifically designed to avoid this. You will meet and work with incredible expert mentors in a structured way.  We have tapped into the intellectual and financial capital of Fairfield County to participate in our program.  All mentors are curated and matched to each company. They know your space and how to navigate it.

5. You need to talk to someone outside your company or family. Growing your own company can be lonely, and there is nothing like having a peer group to share resources, solutions, and problem solving. You will join a community that can relate to your challenges, revel in your successes, and provide a tip or two along the way.

If you answered “yes” two or more times, consider joining our Winter Boost